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Photo by Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII

“Father Oreste Benzi, the man and the priest” (provisional title): the story of the “parish priest with the iron tunic”, a story lived close to the poorest, a constant and tireless commitment against injustice, for the defense of human rights.


The film is in development.


A Coffee Time Film S.r.l. production. Directed by Kristian Gianfreda

Photo by Kristian Gianfreda

“Sunshine in the rain” (provisional title): Agnese takes us lightly into complex themes such as adolescence, disability, impoverishment, marginalization, freedom and the importance of friendship.


The film is currently being written.

Photo by Daniele Calisesi

Happiness can be found in hidden and lonely places where people do not bother to look … just let yourself be guided. “Mangiafuoco” tells an unknown reality, that of the homeless, as if it were telling a fairy tale, a fantastic story, a bit over the top, magical and romantic, irreverent and funny.


This film can’t wait. Soon ready to go.